it’s about the name …

So many people ask me where my business name you me berlin comes from or what it means.

I thought I’d tell you the story of how it all came about. It’s a pretty personal one (and a bit length), so if you’re up for it, keep on reading ..

In 2015 I made the big decision to move to Berlin, a city I was absolutely captivated by when I first went there on holidays in 2007 and then again in 2013.

At the end of a European Holiday in 2013, I was on the plane back home and was thinking about heading back to my life in Perth and how I felt about that. Although I had all I wanted there, the stress from my career and the need for something to change in my life had been building up for a while. So thinking further about what I wanted and needed from my life at that point and where I wanted to be in the future, I made the big decision that I would leave my life in Perth and move to Berlin. I gave myself a timeframe of 18months to get it organised and be over there. I was so excited. Berlin was a City that I fell in love with in 2007 and the dream of living in Germany at some point in my life was always something that was on my to-do list.

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Chronicle of a Collab

Photo: Liam Rhys Jones

So a little while ago now, I did a collaboration with Sarah from Monster Alphabets (amazing Perth fashion label, you must check it out if you haven’t heard of it) to create a pair of earrings to complement her Fourth Wall collection that was being released. This is a little story of how it all came about. 🙂

I’ve known Sarah for many years and we even worked in the same office for a time, when she was just starting out with Monster Alphabets and I was living my previous life as a full-time Commercial Interior Designer.  Sarah was renting one of the rooms in our studio, it was always so great to sticky beak into her room and see what she was working on.

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Yay, a ‘neck’ category has appeared on our website…

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Having just released our brand-new necklace range at the last Perth Upmarket, (which was such a fantastic day, and a whole other blog story) I thought I’d write a little bit behind the inspiration for the 3 designs.

When I started out to design a necklace range, I loved the idea that there could be necklaces that were of the same minimalist family, unique in each design and could be worn separately or layered with one another. Creating numerous different looks with only 3 pieces which all represented the same contemporary style was a really great challenge.

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I caught out my subconscious …


So I caught out my subconscious one day. It followed on from a day which involved spending 6 hours ripping up old floorboards in my unit with nothing but a hammer, various sized chisels and my bare hands (which were very sore afterwards). This fun-filled experience evolved in to the creation of the ‘Chisel’ Earrings.

I’m sure there were more efficient, less physically taxing ways of doing this demolition work, one of which involved my partner and I tackling it together over the weekend, but I ended up using my Friday off to “just get started” on the works…. 6 hours later with sore everything, I ended up finishing the whole job. See I’d booked in Tilers for first thing the following Monday morning to tile the kitchen, dining and laundry and the thought of leaving all the work for the weekend was starting to stress me out a little. I knew it wasn’t going to be a quick job and the looming Monday morning deadline meant if it had to be, we’d be working late in to the night until it was all done. I’ve done that too many times with other things and this time, it just didn’t appeal to me. I wanted a head start to ensure we had some of our weekend left for ourselves.

So there I was trying to use a chisel to get my way through floating timber floor boards of which I found out after starting, were actually glued together…. Yep, I did not expect that added bonus. Argh!

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Design and Inspiration

I’ve always loved design. Strong architectural, industrial and mechanical design. Jewellery, Interior & Furniture Design. Any design really.

As a child I was always interested in watching my Dad at his Engineering workshop, making these precision parts on these huge (to my eyes) lathes and milling machines. These beautiful shiny metal parts for god knows what would be manufactured with precision down to tenths of millimetres. The angles and lines were sharp and precise and everything looked so perfect.
Geometric shapes, precision, symmetry and the linear and technical quality of things has always been attractive to my eye and I seek these qualities out in design and the world, often. I see now that this was in part due to the exposure of the Tool-making & fabrication world as a child.

Having always been a creative, my own art and design displays elements of these inspirations and I enjoy seeing them come out, in a somewhat softer version. The ‘Blade’ and ‘Straight Angles’ earrings, both made from brass with a sterling silver ear post, present a minimalist, geometric aesthetic but in a gentle, elegant and understated way. I love that handmade jewellery has the ability and quality to temper even the hardest of lines.