Design and Inspiration

I’ve always loved design. Strong architectural, industrial and mechanical design. Jewellery, Interior & Furniture Design. Any design really.

As a child I was always interested in watching my Dad at his Engineering workshop, making these precision parts on these huge (to my eyes) lathes and milling machines. These beautiful shiny metal parts for god knows what would be manufactured with precision down to tenths of millimetres. The angles and lines were sharp and precise and everything looked so perfect.
Geometric shapes, precision, symmetry and the linear and technical quality of things has always been attractive to my eye and I seek these qualities out in design and the world, often. I see now that this was in part due to the exposure of the Tool-making & fabrication world as a child.

Having always been a creative, my own art and design displays elements of these inspirations and I enjoy seeing them come out, in a somewhat softer version. The ‘Blade’ and ‘Straight Angles’ earrings, both made from brass with a sterling silver ear post, present a minimalist, geometric aesthetic but in a gentle, elegant and understated way. I love that handmade jewellery has the ability and quality to temper even the hardest of lines.