I caught out my subconscious …


So I caught out my subconscious one day. It followed on from a day which involved spending 6 hours ripping up old floorboards in my unit with nothing but a hammer, various sized chisels and my bare hands (which were very sore afterwards). This fun-filled experience evolved in to the creation of the ‘Chisel’ Earrings.

I’m sure there were more efficient, less physically taxing ways of doing this demolition work, one of which involved my partner and I tackling it together over the weekend, but I ended up using my Friday off to “just get started” on the works…. 6 hours later with sore everything, I ended up finishing the whole job. See I’d booked in Tilers for first thing the following Monday morning to tile the kitchen, dining and laundry and the thought of leaving all the work for the weekend was starting to stress me out a little. I knew it wasn’t going to be a quick job and the looming Monday morning deadline meant if it had to be, we’d be working late in to the night until it was all done. I’ve done that too many times with other things and this time, it just didn’t appeal to me. I wanted a head start to ensure we had some of our weekend left for ourselves.

So there I was trying to use a chisel to get my way through floating timber floor boards of which I found out after starting, were actually glued together…. Yep, I did not expect that added bonus. Argh!

Hammer, chisel, hammer, chisel, miss the chisel hit my finger, hammer, chisel, hammer, miss the chisel hit my finger, repeat ….Ugh. My hands which are more used to jewellery tools and finite movements were definitely feeling the burn by the end of the day.

Even though I’d only planned to ‘start’ the job, it was one of those things I felt I couldn’t leave until I’d conquered it. And I did. Woop! I seem to do that a lot…    Must… Finish…. Job…. Now….. Aarghh.

A happy little worker (also a very sore and stiff little worker), I lay in bed that night with the chisel and hammering action swirling in my mind and with ringing in my ears from all the sharp, loud banging and cracking noises. Hand-making jewellery was, I must say, the furthest thing from my mind at that point but I was definitely looking forward to getting back to my bench in the morning.

So when I sat down and started sketching the following morning and then started playing with some material and tools, it wasn’t until later on when I’d completed a little piece with a chamfered end, that I had to sit back and have a little chuckle to myself. I looked at what angle and shape I’d just created from the silver and what was in front of me was clearly nothing but a chisel profile. Hmmm, I wonder where that came from.

Thank you subconscious….. as I think the result is a gorgeous one…. welcome the (aptly named) ‘Chisel’ Earrings. These earrings are contemporary and minimalist and have a beautiful chamfered detail at both ends which catch the light and draw your eye in. They are perfect for night or day and my favourite part is that they have a wonderful little story attached to them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


ilka    –   y m